Summer Program

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Summer Program

Summer Program  | The Little Dolphin School - Queens, NY

You don’t want to leave your most precious possession in the hands of just anyone. At The Little Dolphin School, we offer an exceptional summer program for busy guardians. Whether you work or go to school, we are happy to nurture and care for your children when you are unable to do so.

More than a summer program, we utilize our time and your child’s to everyone’s benefit. Through engaging play, your child will begin to learn:

Pre-Reading Skills - These skills introduce your child to letter sounds and identification. We will help your child learn the alphabet and begin to understand that written symbols are used for the sounds that they hear around them.

Mathematics - Your child will learn to count to 10, begin to understand and recognize patterns in the environment, and learn to recognize and name basic shapes.

Science - During our summer program, your child will be exposed to the basics of science and begin to understand the world around him or her.

Social Studies - Your child will begin to learn about their region and the people that populate it. Your child will recognize people in service positions: policemen, firemen and mailmen.

Language - We will help your child begin to develop the language skills that are needed to move through the school system and life in general.

More than a simple summer program, we do much more than make sure your child is fed and well rested. We will help your child develop fine and gross motor skills, intellectual skills, and language skills. Above all, we will help your child develop social skills:

Sharing - An important part of life, your child will learn how to share with others.

Respect - Your child will develop respect for self, and respect for peers and adults.

Cooperation - We will help your child learn how to work with others in a pleasant way to reach a common goal.

Truth Telling - We will teach your child that telling the truth is always the best choice.

Positive Choices - We do not believe in punishing your child. Instead, we believe in helping your child make positive choices. Mistakes and poor choices are simply an opportunity for learning!

Our friendly staff is looking forward to caring for your children during our summer program.

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