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Nursery School

Nursery School  | The Little Dolphin School - Queens, NY

Our nursery school curriculum is based on the New York Standards of Excellence. It is our hope to reach these goals by year’s end. Even though we concentrate on social skills for our youngest learners, we utilize individualized instruction to provide a learning environment that helps your child achieve some or all of these goals:

Reading - The youngest minds at The Little Dolphin begin to understand that reading is a source of knowledge. We teach these children to treat books with respect, to hold them properly and to locate their various parts. In nursery school, our children learn new words, distinguish picture from print, and the sequence of the alphabet.

Writing - We don’t expect our youngest children to write legibly, but we do help them begin to develop positive writing habits. We encourage our tiniest humans to use letters and scribbles to tell a story, and help them understand that writing is a way to communicate.

Arithmetic - Children in our nursery school learn to count objects up to 10, identify numbers and names 1-10, practice counting, understand bigger/smaller, identify and name basic shapes, use comparisons, observe and describe patterns, sort objects, and put objects in sequential order.

Science - In nursery school, we teach our young students that organisms have a life cycle. We talk about the earth, the sky, and the environment.

Social Skills - Appropriate language, respect, concern, and the ability to get along with others are skills that we help to develop during nursery school.

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